Prospective Students

If you are interested in either undergraduate of graduate research, please contact me.  Undergraduates often assist with molecular and/or field/lab work. Some graduate students have worked on projects very close to my research, others have developed related research systems, and still others have branched out to other systems & ideas.

A bit of info for potential graduate students: (1) CSUN offers a MS degree in Biology, based primarily on a few customized courses in ecology/evolution and an original research thesis. (2) Most graduate students support themselves on a combination of Teaching Assistantships, campus grants and/or fee waivers. Some students take loans but very few take outside employment; the expectation is that you are a full time committed student. (3) After graduating, most students find employment related to their degree and/or continue on to PhD programs.  More details about the program in general can be found here, but also check out the ecology & evolution group as well as the tropical biology semester.  The bottom line is that CSUN offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in ecology & evolution, emphasizing direct field experiences combined with theory driven scientific research.

Northridge itself is a bit boring, but you are within about an hour of the Pacific ocean, four USFS national forests (Angeles, Los Padres, Cleveland, and San Bernardino), the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, three California State Parks (Topanga, Malibu Creek, and Pt. Mugu); you are also within 2-3 hours of nice places within both the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts.  In short, there is an amazing amount of accessible semi-natural open space; with some effort, you could surf, mountain bike, and ski all in one day.


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